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Trillium Veterinary Cardiology’s mission is to provide the highest level of cardiac care for pets and their owners in an easily accessible manner by bringing our specialized equipment and expertise directly to your clinic

Enhance the standard of care

Enhance the standard of care

We provide in-house comprehensive cardiology consultations. You invoice clients according to your fees

Maintain continuity of care

Maintain continuity of care

You continue to provide care for your patients with chronic heart disease and we are here as a resource if you need us

Increase revenue

Increase revenue

Collaborative care between board-certified cardiologists & family veterinarians improves survival for dogs with CHF secondary to degenerative valve disease and increases revenue for primary care clinics.1

Trillium Veterinary Cardiology would be honoured to be a part of your team – call us to discuss how we can work together to best serve your patients!
1REFERENCE: Lefbom BK, Peckens NL. JAVMA. 2016;249:72-76


When Dr. Jones arrives at your clinic, she will review each patient’s medical history and any diagnostic tests that have been performed such as chest x-rays and blood work. Dr. Jones will perform a detailed cardiovascular exam, and an echocardiogram (if indicated). We use the most advanced echocardiographic technology, including Doppler, tissue Doppler and speckle tracking, to assess the cardiac structure and function. A staff member is requested to assist with the echocardiogram. Dr. Jones can collect the required images for a complete echocardiogram study in ~15 minutes. We know that you are very busy and we strive to minimize disruption to your workflow.


Additional tests can be done if needed, including 6-lead ECGs, Holter monitors, atropine response tests, bubble studies, etc. Before leaving your clinic, Dr. Jones will provide a detailed report, including individualized recommendations for treatment and monitoring. We are also here to provide ongoing support by phone or email as needed for long-term management of patients with heart disease.

How does it work?

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    Have a question about a case or not sure if a consult is needed? Contact Dr. Jones
  • Schedule an Appointment

    Schedule an Appointment

    We will reach out to schedule a time for our visit that works for you. Have a preferred day/time? Let us know!
  • In-house Consultation

    In-house Consultation

    We bring our equipment and expertise to perform a thorough cardiovascular assessment of your patients.
  • Review


    We will discuss our findings with you, and provide a detailed report that includes any treatment and monitoring recommendations.
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    Further questions?

    Please contact Dr. Jones. We are here to support you, your patients and your clients so that continuity of care can be maintained.

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