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About Us
Dr. Ashley Jones is a board-certified veterinary cardiologist & the founder of Trillium Veterinary Cardiology. She grew up in the Niagara Region and is excited to call this home again. She completed her undergraduate degree at McMaster University and earned her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from the Ontario Veterinary College, where she graduated with distinction. She remained at OVC to complete a rigorous one-year small animal internship and then moved to Gainesville, Florida to complete a three-year cardiology residency and an additional one-year research and teaching fellowship at the University of Florida (Go Gators!)…
Dr. Ashley Jones
Important Statistics
1 in 10 dogs have heart disease.

1 in 10 dogs have heart disease.

Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) affects 10-15% of the pet feline population.

25-50% of Doberman Pinschers develop dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM).

1 in 3 dogs over the age of 10 have mitral regurgitation.

We are here for you
Trillium Veterinary Cardiology’s mission is to provide the highest level of cardiac care for pets and their owners in an easily accessible manner by bringing our equipment and expertise directly to your clinic. We want to work with you to enhance the standard of care at your clinic by providing in-house comprehensive cardiology consultations. We are also here to offer support so that you can maintain continuity of care in the management of your patients with chronic heart disease. Dr. Jones is more than happy to discuss cases over the phone if you have questions…
About Us
We know that your pet is an important member of your family, and it can be especially scary to learn that your pet has heart disease. Our mission is to provide the highest level of cardiac care for pets and their owners in an easily accessible manner through collaboration with family veterinarians. We bring our equipment and expertise directly to your local veterinary clinic – this minimizes long and stressful car rides for you and your pet! We value the trust placed in us – we will treat your pet with the same level of care and compassion as if they were our own.
Facts about Veterinary Care:
Facts about Veterinary Care_1

The human-animal bond decreases stress levels and improves happiness.

Pets increase the fitness level of their owners.

Facts about Veterinary Care_3

Pet ownership decreases the risk of children developing asthma and allergies.

Facts about Veterinary Care_4

Owning a pet can decrease systemic blood pressure

We are here for you

What is a veterinary cardiologist?

A veterinary cardiologist is a veterinarian who has undergone additional specialty training after attaining a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) degree. In order to become a board-certified veterinary cardiologist, one must complete at least a one-year internship, followed by a three-year residency and then successfully pass the board certification process, including two written examinations. Similar to a human cardiologist, a veterinary cardiologist is specifically trained to be an expert in the diagnosis and management of various heart conditions. Veterinary cardiologists can offer resources, diagnostic tools and expertise as an extension of the care provided by family veterinarians, particularly for more advanced…
If you would like to have Dr. Jones evaluate your pet’s heart, please contact your family veterinarian to inquire about availability. We are unfortunately not able to provide information directly to pet owners over the phone or by email, but we would be honoured to be a part of the healthcare team for your pet through collaboration with your trusted veterinarian. Your veterinarian will also be able to provide you with a cost estimate, as this can vary depending on which tests are needed to complete the cardiac evaluation.
*for veterinarians or staff members only please*